EDITOR(S) Barbara Novakovič, Helena Pivec, Breda Škrjanec

AUTHOR(S) OF THE TEXT(S) Boštjan Borič, Sergej Hvala, Lev Menaše, Barbara Novakovič, Helena Pivec



DESCRIPTION The catalogue to the exhibition I was Disappointed by Lara Croft presents the world of computer games and related visual issues, meaning the static image isolated from the other multimedia elements of sound, music, rendered film sequences and computer animation. The visual art aspect of computer games that significantly contributes to their playability is also interesting from an art historical perspective, since the roots of these images stretch far back into the history of European and other visual arts. Different art disciplines, literature, photography, film, television and, last but not least, the rapid advances in computer technology, have all influenced, and continue to influence, the development of the visual language of computer games. At the same time, reciprocal influences have become increasingly obvious, confirming the fact that computer games are today a source of inspiration for, and an inescapable part of, the world of contemporary art. The exhibition was curated by Boštjan Borič, Milan Kleč, Lev Menaše, Barbara Novakovič and Helena Pivec.

ISBN 978-961-6229-27-2

Boštjan Borič, Sergej Hvala, Lev Menaše, Barbara Novakovič, Helena Pivec Razočarala me je Lara Croft, Slike iz iger (I Was Disappointed by Lara Croft, Screenshots)


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