MGLC, Ljubljana, 2005

EDITOR(S) Lilijana Stepančič, Guy Shraenen

AUTHOR(S) OF THE TEXT(S) Tanja Mastnak, Petra Timmer, Guy Shraenen


LANGUAGE(S) Slovene, English

DESCRIPTION The catalogue to the exhibition Simultanke: The Creative World of Sonia Delaunay (18851979) presents the artist that was part of the historical avant-garde. The exhibition in Ljubljana was the first solo show devoted to Sonia Delaunay in this part of the world. The exhibited works were on loan from distinguished French cultural institutions and rarely displayed in public because of their fragility and historic value. The exhibition highlighted Delaunay’s theatre costumes, sketches for posters, drawings, gouaches, lithographs, etchings, as well as covers designed for artist’s books, fashion accessories and fabric samples, graphic plates and artist’s books. The catalogue includes three theoretical texts A Multi-Faceted Oeuvre, a Unique Approach by Guy Shraenen, The Creative Power of Otherness by Tanja Mastnak and Sonia Delaunay, Fashion and Fabric Designer by Petra Timmer, followed by colour reproductions of her creations and her biography. The exhibition was curated by Guy Shraenen.

ISBN 961-6229-09-5

Tanja Mastnak, Petra Timmer, Guy Shraenen Sonia Delaunay, Simultanke: The Creative World of Sonia Delaunay


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