EDITOR(S) Božidar Zrinski

AUTHOR(S) OF THE TEXT(S) Božidar Zrinski, Jure Apih, Tanja Mastnak, Vesna Teržan, Barbara Borčić


LANGUAGE(S) Slovene, English

DESCRIPTION The catalogue to the exhibition Petra and Zora, The Past Twenty Years, features the work of the two artists that have left their mark on the art scene in Slovenia since their joint show Lithographs at the Bežigrad Gallery in 1988, by which they brought a fresh creative energy to the world of the graphic arts with their images based on pop art, a style that has never fully flourished in Slovenia. Their artistic beginnings were similar so it comes as no surprise that people often confused the two, yet they have both managed to retain their own visual language. Today, Petra Varl is mostly devoted to exploring drawing and its minimalist, condensed expression, while Zora Stančič uses forever new ways of creative expression, fusing tradition with contemporariness, and experience with experimentation in her works. Printmaking has as a primary medium had a great impact on both, as well as the fact that in their artmaking they had both always sought new creative spaces, from galleries to art publications and projects in the urban environment.

Their prints and other works present witty insights into what seem to be the self-evident phenomena of contemporary life and offer a subtle commentary on the empty values of our age. The exhibition was curated by Božidar Zrinski.

ISBN 978-961-6229-22-7

Božidar Zrinski, Jure Apih, Tanja Mastnak, Vesna Teržan, Barbara Borčić Zora Stančič; Petra Varl, The Past Twenty Years


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