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The 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts, Birth as Criteron

Biennial TOP 10: Guided tours* of selected works of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts Birth as Criterion, concerts in the MGLC Gallery and exhibition on the street

4 July: 

17.00: Watch out! We print! #4Freštreš, the TAM-TAM Street Gallery at Vegova 
20.00: concert: Maja Založnik Moonshine trio, pop, soul

11. July: 

19.00–20.00: Biennial TOP 10: guided tour in English
20.00: concert: The Erič Brothers (Wacky Blues Professors), blues, rock, country 

18. July: 

19.00–20.00: Biennial TOP 10: guided tour in Italian
20.00: concert: Teo Collori and Metod Banko, poetry put to music 

25. July: 

19.00–20.00: Biennial TOP 10: guided tour in German
20.00: concert: The TAH and Le Baron, pop 


* The one-hour guided tours of selected works of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts Birth as Criterion take place from 7 pm to 8 pm in foreign languages and are adapted for Slovenian-speaking visitors. Meeting point in front of the Švicarija Creative Centre. Free admission with a Biennial ticket or the Urbana tourist card.


The exhibition is on Tuesdays view till 21.00, free admission can be enjoyed from 20.00 to 21.00. There is no charge for the events, activities and workshops.

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Watch out! Wet print! #4


LEALUDVIK: In the waters on Leviathan; I would go poof!

6. 6.–3. 7. 2017

opening event: Tuesday, 6 June,
at 5 pm

In the waters on Leviathan is an alternative version of the project I would go poof! – it only replaces the forest for the sea, and bites harder into occult symbolism. "I would go poof" came the smiling response from Charles Manson to the question posed by the judge about his plans in the event of parole. The assumption of man as a free being is a delusion. We live in fear, endless routine, helplessness. We are trapped in an "open" prison. Freedom is an illusion. Due to all the effort, man's desire for freedom, "parole", exit or at least passage to another state, is becoming all the more common. As a result, most people seek a magic solution—> to disappear without a trace: Poof!

LEALUDVIK: Ceremonies.


The 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts: Birth as Criterion


The birth of Birth as Criterion – on the genesis and protocols of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts

Thursday, 6 July, at 18.30, Škuc Gallery, free entrance

Discussion on the basic ideas, rhizomatic structure, process of work, development of the exhibition, as well as all the dilemmas and decisions taken during the organisation of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts at the exhibition THIS IS NOT A NAME at the ŠKUC Gallery. The exhibition offers a condensed insight into the making of this year's experimental format of the Biennial and, along with the presented works, attempts to awaken thinking and pondering, doubts and concerns, and to provide a different view of the Biennial's main exhibition and its emergence in the light of the central endeavour of this year's Biennial edition: searching for new ways of conceiving exhibitions.
The debate will involve Miklavž Komelj, Yasmín Martín Vodopivec, Vladimir Vidmar and Nevenka Šivavec, the members of the Biennial Committee and the curators of the exhibition THIS IS NOT A NAME.
The discussion will be moderated by Miha Colner.

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

The 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts: Birth as Criterion

THE BIENNIAL FOR CHILDREN ... be lively, green and creative in July

During the holidays, daily BIENNIAL WORKSHOPS for primary school children are organised in Tivoli Park in front of the renovated Švicarija Creative Centre and Tivoli Mansion (MGLC). These take place every weekday in July, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm. Applications can be made to the City Association of Friends of Youth ZPM Ljubljana, tel. +386 (0)1 434 03 24, info@mzpm-ljubljana.si.

The workshops interconnect historical myths, the plant and animal kingdom and the nature of Tivoli, movement and play, as well as artistic expression into a whole. The workshops are conducted by academy trained painter Nika Rupnik.

Children can also join the PovezujeM/Tivoli Creative Circle, which is organized by the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC), the National Museum of Slovenia (NMS), the Museum of Modern Art (MG), the National Gallery of Slovenia (NG) and the National Museum of Contemporary History (MNZS). Through play, creative pursuits and socialization, children learn about museums, history and art in a slightly different way. Workshops take place from 10 to 14 July, from 8 am to 4 pm (lunch included). Applications to: natasa.robeznik@muzej-nz.si.