For more than twelve years the surroundings of Grad Tivoli and Švicarija transform themselves into the biggest green and fresh cultural venue in the city for the summer.

Concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and guided tours, creative workshops – a diverse art programme that infuses the summertime evenings in the midst of nature with a refreshing and unforgettable feel. A meeting place for children and families, young and old, casual dog walkers, connoisseurs and lovers of art. A space between nature and art for us, the community.

Let’s spend the holiday and creative summertime together, united in art and culture!

Admission to the Summer in Tivoli events is free of charge.


5. 7.–28. 7. 2022
Grad Tivoli and MGLC Švicarija

Tuesday Concerts
In front of Grad Tivoli
Music for connoisseurs who appreciate the intimate atmosphere and the signature of singer-songwriter poetics.

5. 7., at 20.00: Chris Eckman 
12. 7., at 20.00: 3:rma 
19. 7., at 20.00: Matej Krajnc 
26. 7., at 20.00: Miha Peterlič 

Selection: Pinela's Living Room, organisation of concerts in the intimate settings of private venues.

Thursday Concerts
In front of MGLC Švicarija
A genre intertwining of contemporary music: from indie rock to neo soul, with a touch of virtuoso pop innovation.

7. 7., at 21.00: Pavlov 
14. 7., at 21.00: Masharik 
21. 7., at 21.00: Sladek and freekind 
28. 7., at 21.00: Masaž 

Selection: Radio Terminal.

Films in the Woods
In front of MGLC Švicarija
You are never alone at the cinema – join us for screenings in the woods. The company of film buffs is provided for, you just need to make sure you are cosy and warm, so bring a blanket.

10. 7., at 21.00: Metod Pevec: Beneath Her Window / Pod njenim oknom 
Slovenia, 2003, color, English subtitles
17. 7., at 21.00: Metod Pevec: Tango Abrazos / Vaje v objemu 
Slovenia, 2012, color, English subtitles 
Production: Vertigo

Spoon Prints
Every Thursday, 7.–28. 7., 18.00–20.00, in front of Grad Tivoli
Printing and hand printing workshops for all generations. No prior knowledge required.

7. 7.: Lea Jazbec, Tracing_Following_Collecting tracks, frottage
14. 7.: Nina Koželj, Ex-libris, woodcut
21. 7.: Lea Culetto, Printing Patches, transfer print on fabric
29. 7.: Eva Žula & Matjaž Geder, combined techniques

Visual Art

Prints and Impressions 2
5. 7.−2. 10., Grad Tivoli
Guided tours of the exhibition in Slovene and English, every Tuesday in July (except 5. 7.), at 18.00
On Tuesdays the exhibition is on view until 22.00, free entry from 18.00 till 22.00.

The Shadow is Seen by My Eyes, the Light is Seen Only by My Heart
Permanent Exhibition on Švicarija's history
MGLC Švicarija

Stojan Batič Memorial Studio
MGLC Švicarija

Lea Culetto, On the rag
1.6.–31. 7.
MGLC Švicarija

Collin Black, Triangulation
Sound work and installation
7. 6.–10. 7.
MGLC Švicarija

On Thursdays the exhibitions in MGLC Švicarija are on view until 22.00. Free entrance.

On the Grill
Tuesday–Sunday, 5. 7.–31. 7., MGLC Shop
Hot offer of selected products for the summer at half price!

Summer Specials
Picnic Basket and Sunday Lunch in Bistro Švicarija.
Special offer of July refreshments in Caffe Bienale.




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Honza Zamojski: Middleman

10. 3.–28. 5. 2023
MGLC Grad Tivoli

Honza Zamojski's latest exhibition is essentially a site-specific installation. It takes place not only within the symmetry of architecture, but often in relation to the symmetry (or asymmetry) of a sheet of paper, a word and a human figure. An attentive viewer will notice that the further one moves away from the centre of the exhibition, the brighter it is and the more there is to see. You could even say that the narrative explodes, and what tries to put it back together again is Middleman holding the collapsing world with all his might.

To accompany the exhibition, NERO's publishing experimentation entitled Can it be tried somewhere? will also be shown.

Photo: Marian Misiak


Marko Šajn: Mutual Compromise

10. 3.–16. 4. 2023
MGLC Grad Tivoli

The exhibition Mutual Compromise presents the latest series of prints in silkscreen and riso-printing techniques, as well as a metal object as a special feature of the exhibition. Marko Šajn's prints are characterised by a clear concept and perfect execution, a humorous, funny, fast-paced, witty and playful artistic expression with many references to art history, classical painting, popular printmaking, urban culture, graffiti and street art. 

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.

Visit the Invader mosaics in Grad Tivoli

Invader is an artist, an individual, a movement, an app, a game and a lifestyle. He is a street art phenomenon and has become a global art star.
You have probably noticed his mosaics around the city of Ljubljana, and some of them are also on the premises of MGLC Grad Tivoli, which are not open to the public. You can see them from Tuesday to Sunday at 2 pm or by appointment (write to us at

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.