32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana for Families and Young People

All the Biennial Animals, family workshop


Sunday, 10 September, 11.00–17.00, MGLC and Švicarija Creative Centre

Animals are lead players in this year's 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts. They make appearances in the artworks, the secessionist ornamentation of Švicarija, whereas Jure Detela also bestows the most noble and loving attitude towards them in his poetry. The day will be devoted to a tour of the artworks and a stencil printing workshop, followed by an animal adventure at Ljubljana Zoo. And during the course of all this, also a vegan picnic on the grass!

11.00–12.00: We meet in front of Tivoli Mansion. Together with Tina Boc, we see the main Biennial exhibition Birth as Criterion. We get to know the artworks and "collect" some ideas for some animal motifs to use later in the workshop.
12.00–14.00: We print the ideas from the exhibition using the stencil printing technique onto a T-shirt (which you should bring with you) or paper. The printing workshop is conducted by academy-trained painter Nika Rupnik and Mihael Novak and takes place in front of the Švicarija Creative Centre.
14.00–16.00: Time for refreshments! We prepare a vegan picnic Pure and Straight to a Plate together with Tibor/REPeat. This is followed by a group walk to Ljubljana ZOO (or with personal modes of transport if preferred).  
16.00–17.00: To finish the day, there is a special animal adventure especially for us at Ljubljana Zoo: a special tour and heartfelt experience with stroking of selected animals.

The workshop and picnic are free of charge. Workshop participants are eligible for a 10% discount on the entrance fee to Ljubljana ZOO.
Advance booking to lili.sturm@mglc-lj.si

The volunteers of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts are assisting in the workshop.
In the event of rain, the workshop will be cancelled. 

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Watch out! Wet print! #12

Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Interference 3/1

6. 2.–5. 3. 2018

Opening: Tuesday, 6 February, at 5 pm
TAM-TAM Street Gallery at Vegova ulica (opposite Glasbena matica)

Ivian Kan Mujezinović, designer, photographer, member of the Ee Grupa design group, bass player and vocalist of the Čao Portorož music group. He is the recipient of many prizes and awards for providing integral design solutions,

Ivian Kan Mujezinović:
Interference 3/1.



8. 2. 2018–6. 1. 2019

Opening, 8 February, at 12 noon

The Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature project takes us through the prism of cultural history, architecture and visual art into the past of the building, revealing the recent renovations and presenting the activities of the artists working there. The multifaceted exhibition is complemented by a variety of educational activities for children, young people, adults and families with an inclusive, innovative and engaging approach to visitors. We are bringing Švicarija's heritage to the fore through lectures, guided tours, talks and other events, in such a way becoming a part of its new life.

Slovenian Cultural Holiday and Švicarija Creative Centre Day

Thursday, 8 February, 12.00–20.00
12.00 Opening of the Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature project
Musical-visual backdrop: VJ Ticho Pixel.
13.00 Viewing of the exhibition Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature with studio open day and socialising with the artists – studio users in the Švicarija Creative Centre.

The exhibition and studios will be open until 8 pm on that day.
Free of charge.

Photo: Jaka Babnik. MGLC Archive.

The Švicarija: Community, Art and Nature Project

Švicarija in Time and Space
(Theme-based Saturday public tours)

Maruša Zorec, Transformation of Švicarija in Ljubljana

Saturday, 17 February, at 4.30 pm, admission fee: 2 eur

The former hotel on the outskirts of the city has undergone countless transformations in over a hundred years of existence. At the guided tour we will see the most exciting corners of the building and get to know the different images of its transformation over time.

Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.