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Adriena Šimotová: Encounter. Touch and Imprint.

10 December 2021 to 8 March 2022
Tivoli Mansion

You are welcome to visit the exhibition Encounter. Touch and Imprint. by Adriena Šimotová. This selective retrospective at MGLC features artworks in which Šimotová radicalized the existentially conceived topic of the human personality while engaging in an earnest determination of the conditions and relationships she found relevant. 


Mi smo tisti, ki jih iščemo I–V, 2011–12, transparentni papir, pigment, pastel, grafit, 111 x 79 cm, Fundacija Adriene Šimotove in Jiříja Johna, Praga

My jsem ti, které hledáme*, Poetry evening

Accompanying programme of the exhibition by Adriena Šimotová
Tuesday, 18. 1. 2022, at 17.00
Tivoli Mansion

Adriena Šimotová is closely connected to the world of poetry through her unique, pictorially authentic voice. The exhibition and the artist will be introduced by Museum Counsellor mag. Breda Škrjanec. Doc. dr. Jana Šnytova will present the characteristics of Czech poetry of the second half of the 20th century. Selected Czech poetry will be interpreted by the dramatic actor Boris Ostan.

*We Are the Ones We Are Looking for

Participation is limited, prior notice to
Free entry.

Photo: Jaka Babnik. MGLC Archive.



7. 1.−13. 2. 2022
MGLC Švicarija

Adrijan Praznik plays various roles in the world of art – he is a painter, illustrator, curator, producer and artistic director of Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto. In January 2022, he completed a two-year artist residency at MGLC Švicarija. Upon his departure, he prepared the exhibition --WHERE OUR HEARTS HAVE LED US... The spatial installation of two large-scale paintings raises questions that illustrate his work and research focus in 2021 particularly. Namely, he is concerned with the form and status of the artwork, the appropriation of the media image and the combination of pictorial means of expression as well as materials.


Photo: Urška Boljkovac. MGLC Archive.